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A New Home

Posted on Dec 10, 2009 by in News & Events | 0 comments

After our first whirlwind week at our new creative home, I find myself ready for a long bath. I am tired. So tired.

Apart from another new client (woo hoo), I do have two highlight from the past few days. The first of which is my new desk. Who knew an IKEA purchase could hold so much potential. I am more and more amazed by IKEA’s products every time I pick a new one up. This desk… an Expedit for you curious folk… makes me actually feel organized. There are so many areas for me to store all my stuff that I even have a few free spots. Don’t get excited! I’m sure those spots won’t be as free a few weeks from now. Until then, I will bask in the glory of their voids.

The second is that I am starting to get a bit excited for the holidays… Happy Holidays Everyone!

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