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Culinary Adventure: Revolution Brewing

Posted on Nov 29, 2010 by in Company Thoughts, Culinary Adventure | 0 comments

Revolution Brewing

I actually had my first trip over to Revolution Brewing when I was thinking about moving the company to Chicago. My friend Katie and I were exploring neighborhoods last February and she insisted we try Revolution Brewing as it was new to Logan Square. Immediately, I loved it.

After moving, Ryan and I have been back three other times… all for dinner. Ryan became a member immediately. As far as restaurants go, Revolution Brewing has some of the pieces that make me love restaurants. Their beverage selection is amazing (if you like beer, of course). They rotate the blends with each season to keep the selection staying fresh. Although I make sure to try a new blend with each visit, my favorites have been the Iron Fist Pale Ale, Skara Brae and Eugene.

The food however leaves me wanting more. I have sampled appetizers, burgers/sandwiches and pizza. I find the appetizer selection to be limiting. There are not a lot of options for sharing with your table. Many of the items instead seem to be for a single person. Where is the fun in that! Out of the sharing appetizers, I do enjoy the Sweet Potato Cakes. I’m not a fair judge though as I haven’t found a sweet potato that I don’t love. You also can’t go wrong with their Bacon Fat Popcorn. Who doesn’t love bacon!

When it comes to the pizzas, I am in heaven. The variety of options for pizzas is wonderful. I’ve enjoyed the Smoked Buffalo Chicken and Italian Sausage. The variety for burgers/sandwiches… not so much. Each burger or sandwich that I’ve had or sampled has left me disappointed.

As far as the atmosphere, the place is fun… really fun! If you are looking for a place to enjoy a loud, energetic dinner… you’ve found it. The bar is full every night and there is usually a wait for a table when I’ve gone for dinner. The staff is also fantastic! The noise level can be overwhelming though. I find myself easily more distracted by the surroundings than my dining partner. That doesn’t not equal a very attentive date.

Although I continue and will continue to go back, I have refocused what I go back for. If I want some time out with friends and great beer… Revolution Brewing is the place. If I want a great dinner for an affordable price, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

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