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Culinary Adventure: Charro

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by in Culinary Adventure, Inspiration, Travel | 0 comments


I had actually never heard about Charro until a friend suggested it for our New Year’s eve dinner. We had plans to spend New Year’s eve at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee seeing The Hold Steady (and yes… it was awesome).

Upon walking in to the restaurant, I was completely taken aback by the decor. The space (previously Tangerine) had undergone a color overhaul. In the place of medium browns and oranges were now striking blacks, whites and reds. Definitely more interesting than the orange globes that were once in the building, cutouts of crosses now cover most of the walls.


In addition to the cross cutouts, there is also extensive white, cursive writing on the walls. Since the writing bleeds right off the walls, it is difficult to figure out what the lines are. Being completely unfamiliar with the story of the restaurant, I was immediately confused about the purpose of the text. Upon asking, I quickly learned that Charro was named after the 1969 movie Charro! starring Elvis. The lines on the walls were pulled straight out of the movie.



The menu itself boasted Mexican and Latin fusion options. Upon sitting at our table, we were greeted with chips and salsa. I loved the chips. They were flavorful and hearty enough to stand up to the juiciness of the salsa without crumbling. For a beverage, I opted for their house sangria and was pleasantly pleased. Although the sangria was short on fruits, it was not short of flavor.

Finding what I wanted for dinner was easy as I am a sucker for Mexican and Latin flavors. I opted for their Mole de Poblano Enchiladas. The mole was a subtler flavor than I am used to, but the peppers took it to the next level. I found my rice and beans to be ok in comparison. I also sampled the Smoked Carne Asada from Ryan’s plate. His dish, a “chili rubbed, house smoked and seared flank steak”, was amazing. The steak was juicy and full of smoked taste.

Beyond the decor, perhaps the most stand out items from the evening were the desserts. I am still drooling over the Cheesecake and Apple Empanadas. Although I enjoyed my dinner, I’ll most likely go back for just sangria and dessert.

Photo Credit: Charro

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